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Physical Mentoring focuses on the individual movement development and the healthy lifestyle. Explore your body through physical tasks that are vastly different than the traditionally monotonuous ways to exercise. In order to reach a truly sustainable body-mind symbiosis, we need to continuously acquire and reshape movement habits.
Physical Mentoring is a steady, relaxed and enjoyable learning process comprising of curated knowledge from a multitude of movement practices.
Already in few sessions, you will learn to see yourself and your relationships with the world from a fresh new perspective.


Get to know the Physical Mentoring

Physical Mentoring originates from a deep research into movement practices: sports, calisthenics, yoga, somatic methods and contemporary choreography. It follows my life-long experience of self-teaching movement: from a kid that did not grow up with a lot of sports, to a certified movement expert and a genuine enthusiast of learning. Today, I am able to distill the essentials of each different movement art and to turn them into accessible, intelligent self-improvement methods. I want to share with you the skill of self-teaching through curiosity, awareness and research.



The philosophy of Physical Mentoring is a steady progress: becoming more flexible in the part of the mind that is resposinble for the physical expression. By constantly introducing new movement patterns and reshaping the existing ones, we significantly stimulate the process known as brain plasticity – introducing new neural pathways. The conscious body-centric practice is a proven way to slow down or even reverse the aging process. A functioning body-mind connection is the key to optimal intellectual and emotional health. Our goal is to remain happy, smart, flexible and powerful.

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I invite you on a journey to expand your physical vocabulary, to become richer in your movement expression.

There is more to the life experience and we all have the potential to unlock it!

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Hygin Delimat

Besides being a full-time movement practitioner, I am a choreographer, teacher and cultural producer. During my career, I founded the Body Architects dance company, the Mind Culture Podcast and the Craft Choreography performance platform in Vienna.


2015, I graduated M.A. Movement Research & M.A. Dance Pedagogy at the Anton Bruckner University Linz where I received the special recognition for my master thesis titled “Deformed Bodies – an approach to choreographing and teaching movement”. In it, I laid out the artistic aspects of what is known now as the Physical Mentoring philosophy.


Years of thoroughly practicing movement disciplines: basketball, swimming, ballet, contemporary dance, Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movment, yoga, breakdance, calisthenics and acrobatics, gave me the expertise and the confidence to specialize in movement.

Since 2011, I am a contemporary choreographer/director with a broad experience of international touring at large and small festivals across a multitude of nations and cultures. I have taught workshops and masterclasses to all ages and levels of movement proficiency.


Awaken the passion for movement!

The need for movement exploration had existed in all of us ever since coming to this world but often has been suppressed by the societal structures and constraints. However, the curious approach is one of the best ways to reverse this process and to remain open-minded and creative within oneself. It is a way to augment our current physical practice and the everyday experience. It gives us the power to institute a substantial change to the body and the mind.

What others think

Hygin has the clarity and experience that makes learning movement a pleasure. I am inspired by his comitment to physical practice and continuous improvement.

Manuela Deac, professional dancer

Hygin is a “natural mover”, a movement logician and a fantastic teacher who inspires his students with his passion and great knowledge. Due to his dancing background he manages to make the trainings varied and exciting. His courses are an enrichment and challenge for both beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts.
Hygin creates a great atmosphere that allows everyone to work successfully at their own pace.
In short: a wonderful teacher and I can warmly recommend his trainings.

Johannes Randolf, physiotherapist and movement educator

With the Physical Mentoring, Hygin has distilled his years of embodied knowledge gained through various movement practices into a holistic system of mentoring that will invite you to explore for yourself the full potential for expression. If you would like to go beyond the conventional benefits of simple fitness and yoga, I recommend that you entrust yourself to Hygin’s friendly and experienced guidance.

Dennis Johnson, mindfulness instructor

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